When I Hurt

When I Hurt Review

When I get mad, I say all sorts of things, even secrets that I’m supposed to keep.

When I get frightened, I find myself lying, doing and saying anything just so I won’t give him a reason to leave me.

But when I get hurt, oh when I really get hurt—

It’s not because I’m crying and hurting over him.


The gorgeous Russian celebrity who’s also my stepbrother—

And now, he’s the man I’ve blackmailed into being my lover.

When I get hurt, it’s only because I was the one who caused him pain.

I was the one who broke his heart.

I did it because I love him, and for that I don’t mind if I keep getting hurt.

Title:When I Hurt
Edition Language:English

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  • C. Erani Kole

    *received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*It's a high 4.5 stars for me! Much better than the first one with a more developed plot than a hot forbidden love (not that there's an...

  • 100sweet

    DNF @ 68%.The h pleasures the H with her hand during class. Later, another student notices evidence on her hand and knows what she did. This was so disgusting bc she never cleaned her hand. She just w...

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    Sure hope part 3 will be released soon! What a cliffhanger!...

  • ? Belle The Bibliophile ?

    Where do I start? Marian Tee's books have always got its own dramatic flair to them and most of the time, her books tend to be unrealistic and over-the-top. But that's Marian Tee for ya. You either t...

  • Cady Lorenzana

    Cliffhanger at its finest!!!...

  • Whitney xavier

    omg love the end ...

  • Mary R. Soto

    Another short book of the trilogy. Done with it in 5 hours...Let's talk about the drama for a bit.I think because of the book's lenght, the story since book 1 happens really fast.But in book 1 young l...

  • Letitia Moore

    Oh my gosh!!! My heart broke for Seri in this book. At times I just wanted to shake her! The minute she gets nervous or scared, she lies, which always gets her in trouble. When she's caught kissing Va...

  • Gray Creations

    Great storyline with unexpected twists. Again maybe because it's different to Marian Tee's other reads or the fact that it's a step romance, it's hard to connect in places, hence the four stars.The pa...

  • Booked

    Arrrggghhh! I could have sworn i read somewhere ths was the conclusion to vassi and seri's story!! Damned senior moments! If i had only thought to read my review of book 1, i would have not read this ...