The Reckoning: Saga of a Civil War Blockade Runner

The Reckoning: Saga of a Civil War Blockade Runner Review

War Weighs Heavily on Ed Canfield's Heart, But With His Loved Ones In Danger, He Runs the Blockade Only to Discover His Deadliest Foes Lurk On Land

Part war story, part love story, and rich in historical details, this character-driven novel views the Civil War through the eyes of a man battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ed Canfield is a character who will resonate with today's readers, especially anyone familiar with the heartache of PTSD. Canfield cannot forget the blood he shed as a young soldier in the Mexican-American War. He embodies the conflicted feelings of many southerners, who opposed the war, slavery and the draft.

Fearing his son will be drafted, Ed fends off the Home Guard. But a Yankee gunboat forces Ed to fight and Jesse to grow up fast. They run the Union blockade in a daring attempt to rescue Ed's lover, Maureen, held captive in the Everglades. The Canfields plunge ahead into the fight of their lives—one that will test Ed Canfield's "soldier's heart" to the core.

The Reckoning captures the grim reality of daily life during the war, the horror of a conflict that turned neighbors into foes and the invincible power of love.

The informative narrative exposes the toll taken by deadly diseases and the perils posed by renegade soldiers. Fast-paced and based on an actual battle, it will appeal to fans of historical romance, Civil War buffs, young adults, and those touched by PTSD. It has an upbeat ending and a thought-provoking discussion guide.

Title:The Reckoning: Saga of a Civil War Blockade Runner
Edition Language:English

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