A Mommy for Christmas

A Mommy for Christmas Review

Specialist Kate Burgess is intrigued. Her gorgeous new surgeon James McEwan is so talented--but why is he always late? Because, she discovers, he's alone with two small children. Kate's heartstrings are well and truly pulled, and when James finds himself temporarily homeless Kate can't stop herself offering help.

James's kids blossom with the love and support of Kate and her large extended family, and he just wishes she could be part of his. Then James realizes that Kate wants children of her own--does she need them as much as they need her? If he asks her to marry him maybe this Christmas all their dreams can come true!

Title:A Mommy for Christmas
Edition Language:English

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    A Mommy for Christmas Reviews

  • Sruthi

    This could have been a nice read , if the Author didn't drag it beyond the point. ...

  • Sara G

    This is a functional product. It made me smile, a lot. It also made me cringe at times. It's like a it's like a romcom-y version of a season long ER plot....

  • Melinda Kaye

    A Mommy for Christmas I love Caroline Anderson’s books, and this is especially good! It’s a feel good holiday story - a widower and his kids trying to find their way, meet and fall in love with a ...

  • Angelique

    James is everything that Kate does not want in a new employee. Late, disorganized and extremely mouth wateringly tempting. How is she supposed to remain objective with all these feelings running thoug...

  • Kobie

    liked it. H is a bit of a mess, so happily ever after with him would be tough! my real complaint was insta-love....

  • Modesty_b

    it was a light read but somehow the ending fell flat for me ....