A Romance Rekindled

A Romance Rekindled Review

Kate Groves finds herself back in Arcadia Falls at the request of her dying father. Not only does he want her to agree to remain in her hometown to oversee the renovation of her childhood home, he also wants her to take over as manager of the Arcadia Valley Farmers Market. Kate has no desire to stay in a town filled with ghosts of mistakes past. And when she learns that part of her dad's plan is for her to work side-by-side with her ex-fiancé, she's less than thrilled. No matter how charming or handsome Drew is, Kate continually reminds herself that he broke her heart—and she doesn't intend to allow that to happen again.

Drew Harrison has spent the past eleven years trying to move on from Kate. He first fell in love with her in the sixth grade and losing her was the most difficult thing he's ever been through. After having no contact for more than a decade, Drew can't help but feel drawn to her again—even though it's obvious Kate still doesn't trust him.

When secrets from the past come creeping into the present, can Kate and Drew find a way to let go of old wounds and consider a future together? Or are some wounds too deep to be healed?

Title:A Romance Rekindled

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  • Meagan

    Such a sweet story!So great to have a new book by Annalisa Daugherty. She’s back at it and in full force. Really enjoyed this story!...