Vying for His Affection

Vying for His Affection Review

At five-foot-two and skinny to boot, Maximus Bonner has always been a little sensitive about his size. When he’s forced by his job to attend a team-building activity at Rolling Meadows Ranch and Resort, his worst fears are realized—outdoor activities. On top of that, he overhears the hottest cowboy at the place making fun of the little stringbean. His anger getting the best of him, Max lodges a complaint against the sexy man.

As a vampire, Rhyme Mythstone has been waiting for his beloved for over a century. Imagine his surprise when he comes in the form of a tiny slip of a redhead with a fiery temper. With one teasing comment, his chance at wooing the human goes up in flames. Max wants nothing to do with him. Can Rhyme figure out a way to prove that he loves his beloved’s size and can make him happy?

Title:Vying for His Affection
Edition Language:English

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    Vying for His Affection Reviews

  • Nessa

    This was a very interesting and enjoyable read. Vampires have always intrigued me so I was pretty much enthralled with Rhyme as well as with his beloved, Max (Little bit :). The romance was sweet and ...

  • Morgan  Skye

    This was pretty predictable and uninspired.I have to admit to the fact that this series just might be done for me. It makes me sad because I love all the guys but the stories are just repetitive and I...

  • brian g. fraser

    No storyLast book I will buy, no story just meet and bond. The series has run it's course. I miss her earlier writing....

  • Gerald Sessions

    Anger management Books starts with the dreaded team building weekend. Toss in a generous does of bigotry. It took a little dating but the bond was made....

  • Renee

    Accountant Maximus and Rancher Rhyme....