The Green Hills of Earth

The Green Hills of Earth Review

THE GREEN HILLS OF EARTH is a collection of short stories from one of the masters of science fiction who has held readers spellbound for over fifty years. This collection includes:
Delilah and the Space-Rigger
The Long Watch
Gentlemen Be Seated
The Black Pits of Luna
It's Great to Be Back
We Also Walk Dogs
Ordeal in Space
The Green Hills of Earth
Logic of Empire
Future History 1951-2600 AD

Title:The Green Hills of Earth
Edition Language:English

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    The Green Hills of Earth Reviews

  • Lyn

    Dated. Campy. Corny. Sexist – and wonderfully, absolutely Heinlein.His 1951 collection of “Future History” short stories, all written in the 1940s, represents some of his earlier works. Fans of ...

  • Manny

    In Robert Heinlein's short story collection, we get to read about a future history that never happened, where the Solar System is colonized by a bunch of ambitious, optimistic, happy-go-lucky space en...

  • Jim

    This is one of the great short story books of my youth & it was wonderful to revisit them. The stories were some of my first introductions to space at a time when we were first landing on the moon whi...

  • Jim

    Despite the title, Earth is mostly in the background in this wonderful collection of short stories. It's mostly concerned with everyday life off the planet. Heinlein has taken a lot of mundane situati...

  • Nooilforpacifists

    Short stories—some great; others mediocre....

  • Buck

    This is an early collection of stories by Heinlein. As a Heinlein fan, I found some of them corny and dated, but others were not bad. They seemed to improve as I progressed through the book. ...

  • Gendou

    This collection of short stories is classic Heinlein. That is to say, sexism, chauvinism, rocketry without computers, a bit of magic, and heaps of bravery. The later is the most fun.I find the rockets...

  • Kevin Kuhn

    Classic Heinlein short stories. One minute I think its dated, but then I remember he wrote it 60/70 years ago. Despite trying to take on some heavier themes, it has a certain innocence that is charmin...

  • Brad

    Yep ... I love the stories of Robert A. Heinlein. Got a problem with that?The Green Hills of Earth, the titular short, and Logic of Empire are particularly excellent. ...

  • John

    My first 2019 read; only 74 to go to achieve my 2019 reading challenge. Although this short story collection was published in the early 50s, it includes fourteen science fiction stories, part of his F...