An Innocent Christmas

An Innocent Christmas Review

A Christmas Eve, A fun party, A little act of seduction and…

My broken heart!

My brother’s best friend took my innocence on Christmas eve,

And abandoned me for military.

That was four years ago.

Now he’s back – more handsome than ever, and oh, so enigmatic.

My heart aches for a second chance with this bad boy.

But the problem is bigger than my broken heart.  

It’s my swollen belly!

Running away from this scandal is the best thing I can do.

I was naïve to believe in love four years ago.

But I’m smarter now.

Or am I?

Title:An Innocent Christmas
Edition Language:English

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    An Innocent Christmas Reviews

  • LMR

    An Innocent Christmas (Holiday Heat Book 3) By: Katy Kaylee"An Innocent Christmas" Is A Great Read With An Awesome Balance Between Drama & HOT, S€X¥ Times!!Once Upon A Time... I gave Him My He...

  • Kathleen Bradbury (Bulfon)

    Just the absolute best story. It had me captivated from the beginning with the hot steamy scenes. I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it! Everything I like to read about and more....

  • Jessica Mitchell

    A good slow burner romance. Loved the "I thought we were enemies, dead to each other vibe. But the butterfly's in my stomach tell me that it's so far from the truth". It was a romantic small adventure...

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    This was a good read. Pike is Billie's best friends sister. They sleep together but he ends up leaving for the military. Now he's back and of course feelings haven't changed. Now they are given a seco...

  • Anna

    Billie has had a crush on her brother Morgan's best friend Pike since she was 14 years old. Pike was the town bad boy but deep down was a good guy. He had been in a relationship with a girl and they h...

  • Raecharmed

    Billie has liked her brother's best friend for awhile now and when she turns eighteen she decides to make her move. Pike tries to stop things from happening between them but once he realizes he has wa...

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    Too Crude for MeFor a book with a title like An Innocent Christmas, there is nothing innocent whatsoever about this novel! I usually avoid books at my favorite book review sites that don't have a desc...

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    Second chance at a Christmas wishAn Innocent Christmas is actually a story that is a triple holiday romance story starting at Halloween, then rounding into Thanksgiving before sliding deeply into Chri...

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    This story is about Pike and Billie. Pike is Billies brother's best friend and after they did what he never expected to do with his BFF's little sister, he left to figure out life which was to join th...

  • Belinda Hayes

    Billie has always had a thing for Pike. She's been good at keeping her feelings to herself and staying out of the way. Pike is her brothers best friend so she knows nothing could ever happen between t...