The Literature Workshop: Teaching Texts and Their Readers

The Literature Workshop: Teaching Texts and Their Readers Review

In this groundbreaking book, Sheridan Blau introduces the literature workshop as the most effective approach to solving many of the classic instructional problems that perplex beginning and veteran teachers of literature. Through lively re-creations of actual workshops that he regularly conducts for students and teachers, Blau invites his readers to become active participants in workshops on such topics as:

helping students read more difficult texts than they think they can read
where interpretations come from
the problem of background knowledge in teaching classic texts
how to deal with competing and contradictory interpretations
what's worth saying about a literary text
balancing respect for readers with respect for texts and intellectual authority
ensuring that literary discussions are lively and productive
how to develop valuable and engaging writing assignments.
Each workshop includes reflections on what transpired and a discussion of the workshop's rationale and outcomes in the larger context of an original and practice-based theory of literary competence and instruction.

Title:The Literature Workshop: Teaching Texts and Their Readers
Edition Language:English

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    The Literature Workshop: Teaching Texts and Their Readers Reviews

  • Lisa

    So, stylistically I was turned off. I get that Blau is an academic and thus speaks and writes like one, but it doesn't necessarily make for a motivating read. As far as to the purposes of the class I ...

  • Anne-Marie

    Sheridan Blau takes his readers through ways of approaching conversations about literature in the classroom (some even transcripts of actual classroom discussions). Touches on the origins of interpret...

  • J. Alfred

    This is the best book on teaching literature I've ever read (it doesn't have a lot of competition, but still). Blau writes with an ethos of expertise and yet a strong sense of vulnerability. His pract...

  • Jake

    Great insight and a level-headed approach makes this one of the better "education" books I have read. I can't imagine not revisiting it in the future....

  • Mary

    Ouch. My brain hurts. I loved this book and have used it all semester to help students build confidence in forming their own analysis of literature....

  • Troy Zaher

    Without a doubt my favorite book on pedagogical theory. There isn’t a single chapter in this that I didn’t feel like I took some powerful piece of knowledge from. If you’re an educator of Litera...

  • Jeff

    Pairs nicely with Pirie's Reshaping High School English. I need more of this kind of book....

  • Brittney

    Read for class, summer 2017I really enjoyed all of the activities and content included in this book. ...

  • Jen

    Three stars for the dry, academic writing. Four plus for the content. Blau speaks wisdom for literature teachers like me....

  • Patrick

    p.46 To move ahead in the wrong direction is not progress. But to move backward in order to correct your course is.p.75 Textual evidence itself is subject to interpretation.p.142-3 I want to assert, i...