Essence: A Divine Dungeon Anthology

Essence: A Divine Dungeon Anthology Review

Infernal or celestial. Young or old. Each has their own path to power.

Delve into the world of the Divine Dungeon with new and old cultivators alike. Discover the Lion Kingdom’s beginning, learn the origin of Odin and his ravens, and take a philosophical approach to cultivation. These stories and more are included in the first short story anthology set in Dakota Krout’s Divine Dungeon universe.

Eight incredible new tales told by eight amazing authors.
Check out this LitRPG and GameLit fantasy anthology today!

Lion Start by Rohan Hublikar
Join Garron and Andros as they flee an oppressive Noble house and begin learning the secrets of cultivation while evading capture. Perhaps their methods will even create a legacy of its own?

Legacy of Thunder by Steven Willden
Learn the origin of Odin and his ravens, back when they were all simple cultivators in Azguardia. How did a child eventually become one of the most powerful and well-known lightning users of all time?

Flight of the Glitterflit by Ryan Ball
Test both the dangers and joys of surpassing your personal limits with Jack, as he learns what it really means to determine your own destiny. A person’s fate is never what you would suspect.

Splat! by Raymond Johnson
A simple Dungeon Goblin has been killed in the same way over and over, constantly revived by the dungeon it has bound itself to. Is there more to the deaths than simply fighting adventurers?

The Spirit Dungeon by Alexis Keane
An infernal cultivator is driven from his home by true necromancers. During his escape, he finds a secret that could allow him to live nearly forever. Will he be able to control it?

Hidden Lantern by James Auwaerter
The Inquisition has arrived. At least, one of the members has. It is up to him to determine if this area is worth saving… or should be purged by fire.

Butcher Boy by Dakota Krout
Follow the saga of Ramset as he learns what it means to be a cultivator in a city where men are only allowed to be mere mortals.

Axiom by Dennis Vanderkerken
What is cultivation? How is it possible? Philosophy to the rescue! When an old man loses everything, he decides that age is not going to be what stops him from rescuing the young ones that have been ‘recruited’ by the raiders that took them.

Title:Essence: A Divine Dungeon Anthology

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    Essence: A Divine Dungeon Anthology Reviews

  • Silvan Morgan

    An excellent edition to the Divine Dungeon Universe written by many talented writers, each one catching my attention with their witty writing....

  • Jack Vinson

    Fun to see new material from the Divine Dungeon world of Cal and the others. 8 stories from 8 authors, including one from the man himself (Dakota Krout). It looks like a few of these will become books...

  • Jay/Jim

    An exciting collection of short stories Another peek into this amazing universe introduces us to some new characters, as well as cameos by those we’ve met in other novels. I wish there was more to t...

  • Vincent Archer

    A glorious return to the universe of the Divine Dungeon.While the Dungeon in question appears - peripherally - only in a handful of stories, it's still good. All the various authors brought in for thi...

  • Karsten Hansen

    There are the first chapters of some books to be published in the future. HOWEVER, the rest are excellent short stories written by fans of the DD. Dakota Krout invited people to use his basic DD "univ...

  • Stephen

    Wonderful. Simply wonderful.Almost every one of these stories answered at least one of my questions while reading the Divine Dungeon series. Some even have me answers I didn't even know I wanted answe...

  • Andy Grzywacz

    Fantastic fun!What a great pleasure to return to this world! All the stories are well crafted and enjoyable. The butcher's boy was fantastic and now I can't wait to sink my teeth into axiom! This is a...

  • Stand Woodall

    Thoroughly enjoyedI came into this book expecting to see a few shining gems among a medley of more or less mundane stories. I was pleasantly surprised to find a back to front piece of excellence. It t...

  • Karalee

    GoodInteresting array of stories that add to the pre existing universe. Most are cool, many not a repeat read though I'd like to see some of them expanded upon ...

  • John Stonebraker

    Mostly goodI think I enjoyed all the stories, but several left me wanting more - no real resolution. Given the last one leads in to a new book, I hope the rest are as well....