Fast Lane

Fast Lane Review

“Once he met her, it was and always would be Lyla.”

They were the gentlemen bad boys of rock. Forming in a garage in a small town in Indiana. Taking their licks on the road. Going balls to the wall until they made their big break.

And then Preacher McCade and the Roadmasters redefined rock and roll.

Guided by their tortured lead singer and songwriter, the Roadmasters changed the face of music in the 80s and 90s. And on their journey to becoming one of the most enduring bands in history—dogged by rumors and myth and fueled by drugs and booze—the Roadmasters had one touchstone.


Preacher’s muse, the love of his life, and the band’s moral compass, from the beginning, Lyla is along for the ride.

But with fame and acclaim in their grasp, they’ve entered the fast lane.

And they didn’t know it, but they were headed for a crash.

Title:Fast Lane
Edition Language:English

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  • Val ?? Shameless Non-Snowflake ??

    I was intrigued by this when I saw it...but as I have been less than enthused with KA's latest books, I was hesitant. However, as my friend Reading wrote in her amazing review: "I wanted to see what o...

  • Rachael*Caribbean*girl*bibliophile

    "Once he met her, it was and always would be Lyla.”LiessssssssssssLiessssssssssssFalse advertising!!!!!He had sexLots and lots of sexWith many OWThat line implies celibacy......stop using it if the ...

  • Reading

    First things first:I didn't read Fast Lane with the intention of hating it and while I didn't hate it I find I'm struggling to find things I actually liked.I've read Daisy Jones and the Six. I thought...

  • Jessica  (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)

    While I wholeheartedly adorethe familiar style of writing and storytelling that Kristen Ashley so notoriously delivers from her "happy place," I am both overwhelmed by and overjoyed with herconsciousd...

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog??

    5 STARS I loved it so much, it was refreshing and different from Kristen Ashley's previous books!I loved this story a lot and I loved the world!Kristen Ashley delivers a beautiful and poignant story!...

  • ?lleskelle - teamSren? ?I like big b00ks?

    It’s hard to review a book from a favorite author when you feel like there is no real draw to the characters on the page. It’s hard to review a book you didn’t truly care for but that kept you r...

  • Corina

    First and foremost, I’m impressed that the author decided to write in a different format. That she followed her passion, and inspiration, and that she stepped outside her comfort zone to write this ...

  • Mo

    2.5 ... maybe 3 ... I don't know. We need those half stars!I had sort of given up on reading KA. Not sure why, as she was one of my favourite authors. I devoured most of her books when I started "read...

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    3 Eh... Stars* * * Spoiler FreeOk, I have mentioned before, Kristen Ashley was why I got the Kindle App on my PC in 2013. I had been reading romance and just came to Goodreads. I made a few friends an...

  • Ang (Sizzling Pages)

    With Fast Lane, Kristen Ashley stepped out of her norm to compose a compelling Rock n' Roll romance with such incredible passion, I was captivated from the heartfelt dedication to the very last word. ...