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This Is Crazy Review

From the best selling series, Something So comes the spin-off series This is...

Zara Stone

All my life, I’ve said I will never date a hockey player. I know better because I’ve seen and lived it all. My father is a hockey god, my brother is the captain of the most successful NHL team in the world, and my brother-in-law also plays in the league. Their lives are complicated, so I went in the opposite direction.
I fell in love with a scholar. But instead of proposing marriage, he broke up with me.
Three months later, I saw his engagement picture on Instagram. I couldn’t let him get away with that. No, it didn’t matter what, I was going to make that man see that I did not need him.

Evan Richards
I was in the running to pass my point record from last year, ready to claim the number one spot in the league. On top of my game, I was riding my career high wave.
Then, Hockey’s Princess, Zara Stone tweeted me. She wanted me to crash her ex’s wedding.
The worst that could happen? A PR nightmare. The best? A fun night with a beautiful woman.
It started out as a game—something I’m good at. Her crazy idea twisted into something I wasn’t looking for, something neither of us wanted.

When push comes to shove, one thing runs through my mind:
This is Crazy. Also, this is crazy right.

Title:This Is Crazy
Edition Language:English

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    4.5 Sweet Dreams Stars These MC’s had mad chemistry! I swooned for Evan and his sweet yet, alpha ways! Zara had spunk and style, and I enjoy reading about an H like her! Together these two lit up th...

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    I don’t trust this author anymore.So not going to read this.Just my personal opinion....

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    Spoilers ahead, This is a spin-off of the Something So series featuring The daughter if Cooper Stone.Zara's boyfriend broke u with her and while she had been heartbroken he moved on and months later s...

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    DNF. Nothing crazy just not the right timing I suppose. There are all these characters thrown at me from the other series and I haven't read it so it was just too many stories I felt lost with. And th...

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