Wild Like Us

Wild Like Us Review

Akara Kitsuwon & Sullivan Meadows & Banks Moretti's romance. More information to come.

​​The Like Us series is a true series, one continuous timeline, that follows a family of wealthy celebrities and the people that protect them.

The Like Us Series Reading Order:

1. Damaged Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
2. Lovers Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
3. Alphas Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
4. Tangled Like Us (Jane & Thatcher)
5. Sinful Like Us (Jane & Thatcher)
6. Headstrong Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
7. Charming Like Us (Oscar & Jack)
8. Wild Like Us (Akara & Sulli & Banks)

Title:Wild Like Us
Edition Language:English

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    Wild Like Us Reviews

  • theresa

    Alright lets start this: Ever since I started "Damaged Like Us" I started to love Akara and Sulli and their book was the only book I was looking forward to. Especially because I was anticipating Sulli...

  • Kaitlyn

    i don't think i can ever put this lightly. when i say i'm disappointed, i really fucking mean it. i've dedicated over three? years of my life and SO MUCH fucking love to these two authors (i even own ...

  • Sherna

    KBR is only writing for middle-aged white soccer moms who have a fetish for m/m and poly relationships (instead of wanting actual representation and diversity) because their husbands can't f*ck them p...

  • ava.

    Just because you don’t like the stans of a ship doesn’t give you the right to completely change the dynamic of a ship you confirmed over A YEAR AGO just to spite them. Not only was adding banks to...

  • ala

    kitsulli had the best buddyguard/client relationship build-up in the entire Like Us series. It was the most anticipated and fan favorite on twitter. The fact that kbr decided to suddenly make them a p...

  • Cristina

    kitsulli deserved more. Too bad you are only writing for fetishes .......

  • simran

    TWO WORDS : FUCK YOU this isn't how your normalize poly relationships. sulli sweetie, you deserve better imma get you outta there...

  • Eli

    They're white and straight, what were you waiting for?...

  • Jaye Berry

    "Akara Kitsuwon & Sullivan Meadows & Banks Moretti's romance." I didn't want to be one of those who rate a book low and rant before it even comes out but I really just can't let this go and I have to...

  • Wendy

    Wow.... a Banks, Akara and Sulli pairing. Did not see that coming. But hey I really like Akara and Banks and I wouldn't mind being in the middle of their sandwich so I am guessing Sulli won't mind eit...