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Dark Skies Review

Dark Skies is the second book of my Blackfoot Confederation series. Like all my books, this is a clean book about our Native American brothers in the 1700s.

Dark Skies was a good warrior for his village. He had a few problems with a grandfather who tried to use him to end the chief so he could take over, but as soon as Dark Skies realized what his grandfather wanted to do, he told Chief Flying Eagle about it. However, by this time, the damage had been done, and the Shoshoni had made a treaty with the French men to allow them into their territory to hunt the furs. The French were not satisfied with just being allowed in the Shoshoni territory, they tried to invade the Blackfeet territory as well, and that is when the trouble started.
Dark Skies goes on a hunting trip with his warriors and gets buried under an avalanche that is caused by the French shooting their rifles off in the snow-covered mountains. Everyone, including his wife, thinks he died in the snow, but they can find no trace of him. It is months before they finally find out the truth of what happened to him.
After Dark Skies is presumed dead, White Lily, his wife, finds out she is expecting their first child. According to the laws of their people, she has to take another husband, one that will provide for and protect them. However, she is determined not to have another husband, which leaves her only one choice and that is to accept the offer Dark Skies’ best friend, Buffalo Spirit, makes her. Can she do this? What about Buffalo Spirit’s wife? Her and White Lily might be friends now, but will they remain that way?
After many moons and much heartache, they all get a surprise when the white wolf shows up again and calls Little Gray wolf, the chief’s daughter, to come out of the village to her. What could she want and where did she come from? Is she real or just a spirit guide sent to them by Manitou (Great Spirit)?
There are many questions to be answered and a lot more to learn about the life of the early Native American Blackfeet or Niitsitapi (the people) as they called themselves.

Title:Dark Skies

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