Heed the Hollow: Poems

Heed the Hollow: Poems Review

Heed the Hollow introduces the work of Malcolm Tariq, whose poems explore the concept of “the bottom” across blackness, sexuality, and the American South. These lyrics of queer desire meet the voices of enslaved ancestors to reckon with a lineage of trauma that manifests as silence, pain, and haunting memories, but also as want and love. In bops, lyrics, and erasures, Heed the Hollow tells of a heritage anchored to the landscape of the coastal South, to seawalls shaped by forced labor, and to the people “marked into the bottom / of history where then now / we find no shadow of life.” From that shadow, the voices in these poems make their own brightness, reclaiming their histories from a language that evolved to exclude them. With an introduction by Chris Abani, Heed the Hollow exults in the spiritual and the physical, in its blackness and eroticism, and in the beauty of touch and music.

Title:Heed the Hollow: Poems

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  • Jennifer

    Phenomenal and lush, a welcomed new voice in poetry with this debut....

  • Kent Winward

    3.5 -- damn Goodreads and their all or none star policy, but I quibble. How do I as a old, straight white male review this book of poetry? By typing it out in the little box on Goodreads. The juxtapos...

  • Nancy

    Modern but steeped in history, lyrical but grounded, these poems leave no tabby shell unturned in their exploration of the South and its relationship to blackness and queerness, now and then. Let them...