Just a Bit Dirty

Just a Bit Dirty Review

A ruthless CEO of a large company.
A British student confused about his sexuality.
They have nothing in common.
The sizzling attraction between them makes absolutely no sense.

When Miles Hardaway decided to spend the summer in America to get away from his overbearing family, the last thing he expected was to end up falling for a man he should dislike—but doesn’t.

Ian Caldwell is the most arrogant, bossy man Miles has ever met. He drives Miles absolutely crazy. Although Miles has been warned that Ian is playing some dirty, underhanded game, he finds himself caught between his friends and a man he shouldn’t want.

Who will he choose when his heart and his mind are telling him two different things?

Note: This book contains explicit MM content, D/s undertones, and graphic language. Although this book can stand alone, it is preferable to have read Just a Bit Twisted (Book 1) and Just a Bit Wrong (Book 4) before this one.

Title:Just a Bit Dirty
Edition Language:English

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    Just a Bit Dirty Reviews

  • Elise ? a.k.a Ryder's Pet ?

    *!CONTAINS SPOILERS!* The review:I was actually pleasantly surprised of this book. I liked it and I didn't want to stop reading it until it was finished. Hell, I didn't want it to end. Same as I fel...

  • Jan

    I don't know how I finished this. As a fan of Straight Guys series, I can't understand what just happened here .This plot was nonsensical! All over the place! Besides, there was no passion and chemist...

  • Wendy

    Really enjoyed this one even though I had to suspend my disbelief a bit and roll my eyes at certain parts. For some reason, I still gobble that shit up like it is the most delicious cupcake ever !!I h...

  • Lun

    Now I need this book Update: mggggggg finally a year later, in just a couple of days I’ll read you and I’ll love you Update 2: just an Alessandra hazard classic. Loved it. It’s really easy to re...

  • Zinah

    I can't wait to read this book! All her books are perfectly written. I've red them all at least two times and I still go back to the ones I love the most when I'm bored. These books are the only books...

  • Mirjam

    Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened. The 10th book in the series is about 20-year old Miles Hardaway, the youngest sibling of the Hardaway clan. Travelling to America he meets ...

  • haletostilinski

    This was good, a solid tenth installment in this series that I cant help but be addicted to. In this one, it is about Miles, Zach's - from book #4 - youngest (I think he's the youngest) brother, who i...

  • Milica

    Edit: Downgraded from 4 to 3 stars. The more that final part stews in my head, the less I like it. I understand that sometimes author doesn't have that much of a control over how story unfolds in thei...

  • Tracy

    Let's be honest here, the whole book makes no sense and is actually pretty ridiculous, but you know what? I devoured it in one sitting and I bloody loved it. I really liked Ian's character and the sex...

  • Princess under cover

    Hmmm... first time with an Alessandra Hazard book... it’s just so far fetched the plot line, soooo many unbelievable twists... It was ok....