Home in the Valley (The Tallowood Valley Series #3)

Home in the Valley (The Tallowood Valley Series #3) Review

His past won’t let him go. Her future looked nothing like she'd planned.

Cameron Harper is tough. He holds his emotions close and his relationships at arm's length. To the outside world he is strong, self-assured and a hard worker. But beneath his over-confident and often-brooding façade, is a man longing for acceptance. He was burnt once and has carried the scars from that rejection around with him his whole life. Trust is not easily given, and the walls around his heart are there for his own self-preservation. Which is why Alyssa Torrens bothers him so much.

As Cameron’s new physical therapist aiding his recovery from a car accident, Alyssa sees beyond the walls he has successfully held in place for so long. She’s not after a fun time, like the majority of girls in Tallowood Valley. In fact, she seems to be hiding behind walls of her own, and that piques Cameron’s interest.

Alyssa moved to Tallowood Valley to help her parents run Hidden Vale Cottages, after her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Leaving behind her life on the north coast of New South Wales, Alyssa resigns herself to the fact that her future now involves caring for her ageing father and helping run the family business. Gone are her plans of establishing her own business and settling down in the beachside community to raise her own family. For now, she needs to focus on supporting her mother, and grieving for a father who is unable to remember her. With a bleak-looking future, can Alyssa trust in God to guide her steps?

Is Alyssa capable of breaking down Cameron’s walls to help him overcome his past? Is Cameron able to help Alyssa see a brighter future?

A heart-warming story weaving hope and faith throughout the difficult circumstances of life.

Title:Home in the Valley (The Tallowood Valley Series #3)
Edition Language:English

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    Home in the Valley (The Tallowood Valley Series #3) Reviews

  • Margaret Lawton

    This book is a continuation of the series and tells the story of Cam. He has a lot of insecurities from being abandoned by his birth mom at a very young age. He turns to unhealthy means to deal with t...

  • Barbara

    A young man is seriously injured and is angry and despondent about how slowly he is healing. A young woman is a physical therapist and must move home to help her family because her father has Alzheime...

  • Debbie

    When Alyssa comes home to help her mom her life will change. When Cameron showed up at the clinic she can’t believe how rude he is. The way Alyssa goes out of her way to help him is truly remarkable...

  • Michelle Ferrari-Johnson

    Seeing The Real MeCameron is all grown up. Since he and his twin were abandoned by their mother, he keeps all relationships at arms length. He portrays his tough guy image and tells everyone he is fin...

  • Marta Aldrighetti

    It's a big life-change for Alyssa, fisiotherapy in a city: she cames back home in a small agricolture village to help her parents.sweet and lovely book, there are always surprises in the future and li...

  • Judith M. Seale

    Very good book!This is a very interesting book.. Reading about their lives and the closeness of Cam's family is inspiring. You should read this series to get some refreshing reading. Kristen Fraser, y...

  • Judy and Jim Burdett

    I was given a complimentary copy of Home in the Valley but am freely leaving a review. This is another great book by Kristen Fraser. I love the journey of falling in love and how God works in our live...

  • Noma Byrne

    Really loved this book! Both characters had their troubles but everything was ironed out in the end! I recommend this book to anyone who likes clean romance books!...