The Mammoth Book of Vampires

The Mammoth Book of Vampires Review

Award-winning horror editor Stephen Jones presents thirty-six modern masters of the macabre. Among them are: Harlan Ellison, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Paul McAuley, Peter Tremayne, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Ramsey Campbell.

This anthology collects the very best in vampire fiction which blends sheer horror with dark humor, deadly tenderness with tingling terror. For the classic vampire, as this volume amply shows, the Blood is the Life. From Hugh B. Cave's pulp thriller "Stragella" through to Harold Waldrop's bizarre mix of vampire and Nazis in "Der Untergang Des Abendlandesmenschen" and Christopher Fowler's "The Legend of Dracula Reconsidered as a Primetime TV Special."

In between lie artful chillers by the likes of Clive Barker, Brian Lumley, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, Robert Bloch and John Burke, along with new and original stories by Niel Gaiman with "Cards from a Vampire Tarot," and Kim Newman with "Andy Warhol's Dracula: anno Dracula 1978-79."

You can sink your teeth, too, in F. Paul Wilson's fast-paced thriller "Midnight Mass," Manly Wade Wellman's "Chastel," offering bloody intrigue and adventure with Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant; and Les Daniel's "Yellow Fog," which features his enigmatic vampire-hero Don Sebastian de Villanueva.

Introduction: The Children of the Night by Stephen Jones
Human Remains by Clive Barker
Necros by Brian Lumley
The Man Who Loved The Vampire Lady by Brian Stableford
A Place To Stay by Michael Marshall Smith
The Brood by Ramsey Campbell
Root Cellar by Nancy Kilpatrick
Hungarian Rhapsody by Robert Bloch
The Legend of Dracula Reconsidered as a Prime-Time TV Special by Christopher Fowler
Vampire by Richard Christian Matheson
Stragella by Hugh B. Cave
A Week In The Unlife by David J. Schow
The House At Evening by Francis Garfield
Vampyrrhic Outcast by Simon Clark
The Labyrinth by R. Chetwynd-Hayes
Beyond Any Measure by Karl Edward Wagner
Doctor Porthos by Basil Copper
Straight To Hell by Paul McAuley
It Only Comes Out At Night by Dennis Etchison
Investigating Jericho by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Dracula's Chair by Peter Tremayne
A Taste For Blood by Sydney J. Bounds
The Better Half by Melanie Tem
The Devil's Tritone by John Burke
Chastel by Manly Wade Wellman
Der Untergang Des Abendlandesmenschen by Howard Waldrop
Red As Blood by Tanith Lee
Laird of Dunain by Graham Masterson
A Trick of the Dark by Tina Rath
Midnight Mass by F. Paul Wilson
Blood Gothis by Nancy Holder
Yellow Fog by Les Daniels
Fifteen Cards From a Vampire Tarot by Neil Gaiman
Vintage Domestic by Steve Rasnic Tem
Try A Dull Knife by Harlan Ellison
Andy Warhol's Dracula: Anno Dracula 1978-1979 by Kim Newman

Title:The Mammoth Book of Vampires
Edition Language:English

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    The Mammoth Book of Vampires Reviews

  • Mandy

    Many well-known authors contributed short stories to this book. It's a great read. These are well and truly vampire stories, not the current vampire romances that are so popular. Fun to read!...

  • Graham

    And well does this anthology deserve its “mammoth” title! Another in a series of huge, themed compendiums from reliable editor Stephen Jones, this is an able mix of classic and contemporary vampir...

  • Jennifer

    Four stories really stood out from the crowd in this anthology: * Necros by Brian Lumley * Beyond Any Measure by Karl Edward Wagner * The Better Half by Melanie Tem * Midnight Mass by F. Paul WilsonEa...

  • Jennifer Giles

    The book gave me a paper it wanted my blood...enough said....

  • Cynthia  Glissadevil

    4.2 stars!I've yet to stumble upon a five star vampire anthology. That said, Mammoth is one of the best vampire horror anthologies I read. I prefer evil scary vampires to sexy ironic blood suckers. Ma...

  • Kerry

    This compilation of vampire stories allows you to see vampires as you never would have thought...

  • Max

    This might be the single best collection of vampire stories I've read thus far. It has a lot of the truly great stories from the Vampire Archives book, such as Human Remains, Doctor Porthos, and Midni...

  • Jamie

    A pretty fair assortment of classic and (at the time) new tales of vampires.I've highlighted the ones I've particularly liked. This includes:Human Remains by Clive BarkerNecros by Brian LumleyThe Man ...

  • Lauren

    Human Remains by Clive BarkerNecros by Brian LumleyThe Man Who Loved The Vampire Lady by Brian StablefordA Place To Stay by Michael Marshall SmithThe Brood by Ramsey CampbellRoot Cellar by Nancy Kilpa...

  • Tiffany

    First off, hats off to these writers, because there were a LOT of scary vampires in this book! Some of the stories were of course better than others, and a few I just really could not get into, but th...