A Prairie Heritage: The Early Years

A Prairie Heritage: The Early Years Review

Faith-Filled Fiction at Its Best! Enjoy or share the perfect gift, the first three books of this enduring saga: A Prairie Heritage, The Early Years. The compelling saga of family, faith, and great courage.

One Family, steeped in the love and grace of God, indomitable in their faith, tried and tested in the fires of life, passing forward a legacy to change their world. Immerse yourself in the world of the American prairie of the 1800s and witness this family as they demonstrate the courage and overcoming spirit born of faith in God.

This boxed set includes the full editions of A Rose Blooms Twice, Wild Heart on the Prairie, and Joy on This Mountain bundled together and offered at an affordable price.

A Prairie Heritage:
Book 1: A Rose Blooms Twice
Book 2: Wild Heart on the Prairie
Book 3: Joy on This Mountain
Book 4: The Captive Within
Book 5: Stolen
Book 6: Lost Are Found
Book 7: All God's Promises
Book 8: The Heart of Joy—A Short Story

“Vikki writes the kind of faith-filled fiction that hooks you within the first few pages, will not let you go until you have finished, and leaves you wishing for more.”
—Janis Braun, Seattle, Washington

“Her books are not just for 'chicks'! I was amazed how engrossed I became in the lives of Vikki's characters, and how much I could relate to their situations.”
—Ed Dunne, Los Angeles

“Be prepared to put life on hold. That's all I have to say!”
—Rebecca H., New Jersey

“You will laugh, you will cry but, most of all, you will be uplifted.”

—LaTisha Holland, St. Augustine, FL

Title:A Prairie Heritage: The Early Years

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    A Prairie Heritage: The Early Years Reviews

  • Kathleen Morris

    Beautiful storyI enjoyed the first two books in the series, but this one pulled me into the story to such an extent that I didn't hear the phone ringing, the dogs barking, the kids shouting - you get ...

  • Caprice

    ExcellentThis review is for the collection the first three books of A Prairie Heritage series contained in one volume.This is a very clean series. There is no bad language and sexual content is all in...

  • Martha E. Walton

    Each book increases with interestI almost put the book down halfway through the first of the series. It was rather dull. However, the characters are well-developed, which kept me going. The second boo...

  • Kathleen Daruda

    What an amazing story-line and an imaginative author. Vikki Kestell is VERY talented. The 3 books were a long read, they grab you and pull you right into the story. I couldn't put it down. One book fl...

  • Tonya

    Two things that would’ve made this a five-star book: first, repentance in the Lord Jesus Christ, grief and godly sorrow, is required to be a child of God!Also, holidays like Christmas and others are...

  • Barbara A. Faw

    Enjoyed this saga. Was only able to read sporadically over the course of several days when I needed a break when I had finished another novel & had a couple of hours to spend on this book before start...

  • Bonnie E Case

    I love, love, loved this book. I was captured by the whole book from the very first page, till the end. I am looking forward to getting the continued books so I can read more about this wonderful fami...

  • Loretta Campbell

    Please give yourself love and Read this bookThis is one of the best authors I've found and I'm an avid reader and read many authors! This series of books are awesome! Full of love, full of suspense. L...

  • Andrea

    Wow! Wow, wow, wow. I thought this series would be boring, but it is the complete opposite. It's clean, has humor, romance, mystery, and adventure. I flew through all three books.She is a very visual ...

  • Michael A. Holstad

    Awesome and interesting hard to put down. Loved the characters felt like I was there too. Would recommend this book to everyone. It would make a great book for a book club or even as a form of bible s...