Bad Romance (New Adult Romance)

Bad Romance (New Adult Romance) Review

*This edition has been pulled from publication due to content issues. It was fully revised and went through another round of edits to adjust concerns that were brought up in a certain situation. The old edition is no longer available and will not be updated by amazon. Therefore, if you would like the updated edition there is a link on my website*


I lost Dax Trenton years ago. No one could tell me where he’d gone, or who took him. When my father moved us out to Southern California for a job I figured that would be the end of it. That was until the day before I started college. Dax Trenton was not only standing in my kitchen — but he was living right smack next door. He taunted me with his revolving door of women. He insisted on having me up close and far away. I tried to stay away. But does a moth really stay away from the flame? Even when he does the unthinkable, when Dax pursues — I submit.


She doesn’t know I recognize her. I know exactly who that very well-formed woman is that teases and torments me from her next door window. Clara Parker was my breath and everything I’d ever wanted—until she betrayed me. Now I’m out for revenge, and I will have it. All over her very creamy, soft, and supple flesh. What neither of us is expecting is to fall face first in love with one another. Or maybe we were always in love, who the hell knows? I just know that when it’s all laid out, Clara, broken or whole, will be mine. What I didn’t count on was an enemy from both our pasts showing up to break us.

Genre: New Adult
Warning: Contains adult content that is inappropriate for readers under the age of 18.
Approx Word Count: 50,000

Title:Bad Romance (New Adult Romance)
Edition Language:English

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    Bad Romance (New Adult Romance) Reviews

  • Mari?ina

    I just finished this book and i'm still a little unsure of what i read. Probably, there was something wrong with my copy, because there is no other way to explain how problematic and frankly dreadful ...

  • ?. ? *  * ?*Blanka*?**?.. ??

    This was by far the worst thing I have read this year. And I am sorry to say but date rape IS NOT A joke!!!Clare's family was going to adopt Dax when she was a young girl until his father showed up an...

  • Trigger Happy

    Bad Romance has it all - a bully who is a bad boy, a college setting, friends from childhood then we have the love/hate thing going on. Steamy sex, a criminal father who is responsible for the damaged...

  • Paula

    I really enjoyed this story. So many twisting turns. After all that had happened in both Clara's and Dax's lives they both deserved a happily ever after. Of course I had to read a bit into the story t...

  • Samantha Moran

    I gave it 3 starts. First it didn't really get good until the end. Starting the book off with one incident in the book discourage me a lot. Multiple editing errors became a distraction. Good points ar...

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews

    4 Star Read: Among some of my favorites. Outstanding literary work. The characters are well developed, interesting. The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable. The writing is captiva...

  • Goddess Of Blah

    DNF 35%This would be a good book if the author considered getting some beta-readers. It had loads of potential but was ruined due tot he writing style. The writing style was jumpy, way too much profan...

  • Tracey

    3.5 Stars. A contemporary romance, heavily laced with heat, grit and emotion....

  • Katie

    3.5 stars...

  • Beverly

    Both the blurb and the negative reviews spiked my interest in this book. It had great potential. Truly. I really get into stories involving reformed manwhores and the "good" girl/plain jane. However, ...