Wallace Intervenes

Wallace Intervenes Review

Foster, a British agent sent to Germany to obtain vital information, fell passionately in love with Baroness von Reudath, the beautiful confidante of the infamous Marshal von Strom. The Marshal, almost insane with jealousy and fearing betrayal of his plans, seized Foster and had him removed from the sight of prying eyes. The Baroness, after a travesty of a trial, was condemned to the headsman’s axe. But Wallace, the famous Chief of Secret Service, discovered their plight. With the cool and calculating courage that had borne him through many a desperate enterprise he made his plans to free Foster and the Baroness.

Title:Wallace Intervenes
Edition Language:English

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    Wallace Intervenes Reviews

  • Gerry

    Journalist Tony Parsons once commented, 'Without Alexander Wilson there is no James Bond, there is no Bourne, there is no George Smiley' and after reading 'Wallace Intervenes' one can see why he made ...

  • Alice

    Bought mostly for the cover (which features a Junkers Ju-52, one of my favourite aircraft, in the edition I purchased), this is a fun espionage caper set in 1930s Germany with surprising depth of char...

  • Paul Forster

    I was very disappointed by this, I knew what to expect but found the plot ludicrously far fetched even making exceptions for the genre and the era etc. The first half was much stronger, the opening fe...