The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ

The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ Review

"Jesus wrote no autobiography. He left nothing in writing at all. He committed himself and his teaching simply to the hearts and memories of the men who knew and loved him. And they did not fail him. The four little books that we call Gospels are our primary and practically our only sources of information about the life and the words that have changed the world. We may wish the story had been told with greater fullness and detail; but we know that, short as it is, it is enough. It has given Christ to every race and age." (excerpt from Chapter 1: The Making of the Gospels)

Title:The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ
Edition Language:English

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    The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ Reviews

  • Gayle Ferguson

    With such great heart and passion, the author leads you to the feet of our savior, and lets you know the great love that waits for you there.I have never read a book that was filled with so much love,...

  • Ken

    This book offers a biography of Jesus. He puts the events of the gospels into order allowing the reader to capture the story of the gospels as they unfold for the reader. His writing is not exceptiona...

  • Wayne

    Beautifully written and so articulate. James Stewart shares his insights into the gospels in a devotional and insightful way. Clearly a preacher as well as a scholar this book is accessible to all and...

  • Laurie

    A excellent overview for devotional use or small group study. Contains daily suggested readings and discussion questions at end of each chapter. Some fresh insights throughout. Highly recommended for ...

  • Solomon Reeves

    This is one of the most powerful writings of our time....