Pearlie and Jasper

Pearlie and Jasper Review

Pearlie the park fairy and the creatures of Jubilee Park help a new friend. Hurrrly-burrrly! It's an icy cold day in Jubilee Park when Pearlie has an unexpected visitor - a shivering little elf named Jasper. His home has been destroyed to make way for a road! Pearlie sets out to help find Jasper a cosy place to live in Jubilee Park - until he is led astray by those dastardly rats. Luckily Jasper has a few tricks under his hat to show those rascals.

Title:Pearlie and Jasper
Edition Language:English

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    Pearlie and Jasper Reviews

  • Moonie

    Great book for kids with a great message too. I'm glad I found this series as a child. ...