To the Haunted Mountains

To the Haunted Mountains Review

This is the first tale of the Nedao people, told from the perspective of Nisana, and AEldra of the cat kin. The story is left to her, as one of the few witnesses of the trials of the brave young queen Ylia, the Lady of Nedao. As she trains Ylia in the arts of her powers, Nisana is the only mind to have full access to all of Ylia feelings and emotions as she is thrown into exile from the city of the King and subjected to dark magics and a dangerous journey through unfriendly lands.

Title:To the Haunted Mountains
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Miriam

    I swear the cover shown on Amazon is the same picture as some other fantasy novel I've previously read......

  • Wendy

    Is this a Young Adult? Well if so, it reads well for an adult. The characters are well developed and engaging and the detailed traveling descriptions are beautiful and realistic. The female heir of a ...

  • Molly

    Not a bad book overall - I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could - but the characters are only so-so and there are a lot of them. The plot isn't bad, but it's kind of slow and repetitive; I did enjoy the end...

  • Sarah

    This book was ok. I had some trouble getting into it and found a lot of it repetitive (lots of traveling through the forest and camping out over and over), but there was enough suspense and action to ...